COT_3232Hello and welcome! I am Elisabeth Wing, Product designer and the creator of Wingmade. Introducing colorful illustrations showcasing your unique friends and family. Together we can create an heirloom quilt, wall hanging, baby's blanket or just about anything you can dream up with your very own Family Fabric.

The Family Fabric Story: While I love product design and sewing, another passion of mine is illustration and is something I have been doing since an early age. When I was introduced to surface design and repeating patterns I became hooked and pursued the possibility of textile design.

In 2014 my friend learned that the baby she was carrying not only had Downs Syndrome, but that the baby had a slim chance at living after birth. This broke my heart and I knew I needed to send her something that would be meaningful for them and therapeutic for me as I was so heartbroken for her. I decided to create a receiving blanket with an illustration of their family with new baby Liberty in a repeating pattern, symbolizing their eternal bond. The gift was well received and will be a reminder of their sweet angel Liberty and of the eternal family bond. 

All Products made  in Arizona, USA

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